Fox Proof Chicken Run


The brand new Fox Proof Chicken Run is ideal for medium to large chicken coops and for keeping your chickens safe from foxes, whilst at the same time giving them plenty of space to roam.  It's also portable and can be moved very easily (by 2 people) around your garden.  Please play our video below for a demonstration.





The Fox Proof Chicken Run comes in 2 colours - Galvanised and British Racing Green (to blend in with the greenery in your garden).  One of the 4 panels can include an optional door if required.




  1. Protects the rest of your garden
  2. Keeps out foxes
  3. Allows your chickens plenty of space to roam freely
  4. Blends in with the rest of your garden (British Racing Green model)
  5. Protects your chickens from aerial attack - e.g. buzzards etc.




11ft x 11ft (3.35m x 3.35m)


The Rotation System


The Rotation System is an ingenious way of keeping your chickens happy whilst at the same time helping fertilise and remove weeds from a vegetable plot - if you have one.


It works as follows

You split your vegetable patch into 3 patches, each 11ft x 11ft.


During the 1st growing season, you put your chickens and the Portable Poultry Pen onto the 1st patch and you use the other 2 patches to grow your vegetables.  Whilst the chickens are on the 1st patch, they will be happily eating any weeds as well as providing natural fertilizer for your 2nd growing season.


Before you plant for your 2nd growing season, move the Portable Poultry Pen and chickens to the 2nd patch and then repeat the process.


The diagram below shows how this works - the red colour patch indicates the chickens & pen and the green indicates your vegetables.


Portable Poultry Pen - Rotation System



Prices No Door Door
Galvanised Portable Poultry Pen £254 £299
British Racing Green Portable Poultry Pen £380 £425


All prices include VAT.


Customer Collection Only - from Wing, Nr Oakham, Leicestershire, LE15 8SD. PLEASE PHONE us on 01780 728 000 prior to visiting us as we are not always there - Thank you.


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